The Museum of National History offers special access and facilities to accommodate the needs of handicapped and disabled visitors.
Please note that all outdoor areas are paved with cobblestones.
There are two parking bays, reserved for cars with a handicap permit. The parking bays are located in the outer courtyard (Fountain courtyard), to the right of the gate tower.
Furthermore, the museum offers the opportunity to drop off disabled visitors in the outer courtyard or, by special agreement, in the inner courtyard in order to minimize walking distance.
Handicapped accessible entrance
A wheelchair accessible entrance is located in the corner to the right of the main entrance. Press the button to call for assistance.
Elevator and handicap toilet
There is an elevator connecting all floors of the museum. The elevator is located in the east wing of the museum. The entire museum is therefore available for wheelchair users. The only exception is the Great Hall, where four steep steps lead to the Hall. However, the Great Hall can be viewed from the bottom of the stairs. If the four steps that lead to the Great Hall are manageable, there is a wheelchair available in the Hall.
Due to the high doorsteps, help might be needed for wheelchair users to enter the Castle Chapel. Please contact the ticket box for assistance. 
The handicap toilet is located in the basement (use the elevator in the east wing).
Loan of wheelchairs
The museum has two wheelchairs, which can be borrowed from the ticket box.
Guide dogs
Licensed guide and service dogs are allowed in the exhibition.