Higlights of Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is famous for its magnificent rooms and details. Explore and discover, amongst many other things:
The Stable Wings
The stable wings were built in Frederik II's time on the southern island. Today, the left one is called the King's Stable Wing and the right the Hussar Stable Wing.  
The Round Towers
Frederik II had two round towers built on the southern island in 1562. They still bear the king's motto and date written with wall ties. "Mein Hoffnung zu Gott allein 1562" (God alone is my hope). The scribe's room was in the western tower, the sheriff's quarters in the eastern tower.  
The Neptune Fountain
Christian IV commissioned a fountain for the middle courtyard from the Dutch artist Adrian de Vries. The Neptune Fountain is a symbol of Denmark's position as a leading Baltic power at the beginning of the 17th century, and it was one of Frederiksborg Castle's most splendid features. It was made in 1617 and was set up in the courtyard at latest by 1621. During the war against Sweden in 1659 it was dismantled. Its sculptures were taken to Sweden as war booty and set up in the park at Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm. In 1888 J. C. Jacobsen paid for a reconstruction of the fountain and had new bronze casts made from the fountain's original figures.
The Facade of the Audience House
On the southern facade of the Audience House there 
is placed a relief that represents the gods Mars and Venus sitting on a four-poster bed. It was put up soon after Christian IV married Kirsten Munk in 1615 and presumably refers to this event.