HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Prince of Denmark

To celebrate HRH Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday, the Museum has organised an exhibition in the Great Hall. The exhibition relates the story of the Crown Prince's birth and upbringing, his education and his duties in the service of Denmark. The exhibition also throws light on the Crown Prince's family and his special interests. We can follow his activities as a sportsman and on the gruelling tough Expedition Sirius 2000 in Greenland.

The exhibition also casts light on the conditions and roles of Denmark's Crown Princes and heirs to the throne throghout history. The traditions of the monarchy date way back in time, but political and cultural events have also helped shape the role as Crown Prince in interaction with the character and interests of the individual heirs to the throne. This may help explain why the role is what it is today, and the particular chararacteristics of our Crown Prince and his conditions.
The exhibition can be seen in The Great Hall from 25. May - 31. December 2018.