Guided tours

The museum offers guided tours in the magnificent rooms and the rich collection of historical paintings, portraits, furniture, and art objects. Often, the guided tours will take the shape of a walk through the history of Denmark, from the middle ages to the present. The museum can give tours in Danish or in English as desired. Max. number of participants per tour: 30 people. Price: 1300 DKK per group (1 hour) + entry with appropriate charges. For more information contact the head secretary Mette Carstensen by telephone at 48 20 14 32 or by e-mail

From Easter until mid-October the museum offers free guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 11.30. On the tour you will visit the most spectacular rooms and learn about Danish history and the dramatic history of Frederiksborg Castle. On the summer break, from June 30th til August 12, the museum offers the free guided tours every day at 11.30 and 14.00.