Guided tours

The museum offers guided tours in the magnificent rooms and the rich collection of historical paintings, portraits, furniture, and art objects. Often, the guided tours will take the shape of a walk through the history of Denmark, from the middle ages to the present. The museum can give tours in Danish or in English as desired. Max. number of participants per tour: 30 people. Price: 1000 DKK per group (1 hour) + entry with appropriate charges. For more information contact the head secretary Mette Carstensen by telephone at 48 20 14 32 or by e-mail

Guided tours can also be booked through VisitNordsjælland that has a number of licensed tour guides attached. The tour includes amongst others visits to the Audience Chamber, the Great Hall and Castle Chapel with the coat of arms of the Knights of the Order of the Elephant and the Grand Cross. If the weather allows it, a visit in the Baroque Garden will be included, here one can see the cascades and the beautiful park (great photo opportunities). Duration approx. 2 hours, DKK 1.575 per group (1-30 persons) + entrance DKK 60 per person. VisitNordsjælland offer the tour with English, German and Polish speaking guides. Other languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, DKK 1.950. Please note that reservations must be made well in advance. To make a booking, please contact VisitNordsjælland, Henrik Numelin, tel. +45 48 24 26 26 or by mail to