Naevus Flammeus

Naevus Flammeus is a medical term for a congenital malformation in the skin's capillaries, which occurs in the foetus if the capillaries do not contract. It appears in the form of red patches on the skin of about 0.3% of all newly born babies.
In the series, Naevus Flammeus Linda Hansen portrays a number of individuals with birthmarks on their faces. The photographs force us to concentrate on something our gaze, habits and consciousness would rather avoid, compelling us to pay attention. The portraits investigate and challenge the way we perceive people.
In the portraits, Linda Hansen sets out to question the frequently negative way, in which many of us look at people who are different. The series aims to get us to consider how often we judge other people by appearance instead of appreciating their qualities.

The exhibition can be seen on the 3rd floor until 18. February 2018.