The Museum of National History features many portraits of Kings and nobles, artists, politicians and athletes all under the same copper roof.

The museum's collection heavily features older portraits of the contemporary elite: only royalty and nobility who could afford to be portrayed. As the political influence of the bourgeois developed through the 1600s, it became more common for artists, scientists, military personnel and politicians to be portrayed. Recently, such portraits have also featured athletes and actors.

In addition to the portraits, the exhibition also includes busts and sculptures. The museum collection also includes drawings, graphs and photographic portraits which due to conservation reasons are not permitted for permanent exhibition.

Most of the portrait paintings are original artworks by renowned artists including Karel van Mander, Jens Juel, Wilhelm Marstrand, P.S. Krøyer and Niels Strøbæk. The photographic collection includes works by Rigmor Mydtskov, Henrik Saxgren, Per Morten Abrahamsen and Suste BonnĂ©n amongst others.