Surroundings and accommodation

There are many superb ways of expanding your visit to Frederiksborg Castle and The Museum of National History with additional exciting experiences.
Garden Visits
After exploring the museum, guests can take a stroll around the castle gardens. The neatly landscaped and tiered baroque garden with its elegant fountains and parterres, is joyous to experience offering unrivalled views of Frederiksborg Castle. The romantic grounds include meandering canals, small bridges, the Bath House (det lille Badstueslot) and open woodland with its own shaded and picturesque scenery.
Read more about Frederiksborg Castle Garden at Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties website.
The baroque garden is open every day from 10am till sunset - 9pm at the latest.
Søstien, a walk around the lake
A few years ago, Hillerød Municipality succeeded in creating Søstien, a path which enables visitors and locals to walk, run, or cycle along the lakeside of the entire castle lake. The path is approx. 2 km and takes about 30 minutes on foot and 10 minutes by bike. The route leads through Frederiksborg Castles courtyards and enables visitors to view the castle from all angles. Søstien is also connected to the city center.
Read more about the city at Hillerød Municipalitys website
Castle Lake Cruise
The M/S Frederiksborg resides in Denmark's most beautiful lake to provide the public with relaxing lake tours. The cruise features spectacular castle views, from the picturesque castle scenes of the opposite shoreline, right up to the grand castle walls which are built directly into the lake. The M/S Frederiksborg is an old lifeboat from the hospital ship Jutlandia, manned by an experienced crew with plenty of good stories to share. The boat can be boarded and exited from three piers: the castle entrance at Slotsgade; the corner of the baroque garden; and at the square in the city centre.
Lunch or Coffee Break
The best castle experiences often involve a little food and drink, and a short intermission is always a welcome activity on such excursions. Spisestedet Leonora is beautifully situated beside the castle lake, which offers cosy lunchtime meals and pleasant afternoon refreshments.
There are several options for local accommodation in Hillerød:
Hotel Hillerød
Pharmakon Conference center and hotel
For further information on accommodation and activities in North Zealand contact the Hillerød Tourist Information Centre on (+45) 49 21 13 33 or visit