The Collections


The Museum of National History shows portraits, history paintings, art manufacture and graphic prints.

 Our collection of portraits is the largest in Denmark and consists of portrait paintings, busts, reliefs and portrait photography. Several renowned works are found among our history paintings, which depict scenes from Danish history.

The museum has a collection of art manufacture ranging from the 1500's until the present. In addition there is a large collection of graphic prints consisting of both primitive popular prints and exquisite copperplates.

Danish history through 500 years

Several rooms at The Museum of National History give a vivid impression of past interiors. Danish history is told through portraits, history paintings, furniture and art manufacture. Thus the museum shows different epochs and changes in style. Touring the museum you encounter people and events that have helped shape Danish history from the Middle Ages until the 21st century.


Modern collection

Our collection of portraits, history paintings and furniture from the 20th and 21st century is found on the 3rd floor. The rooms are simple and comprise a contemporary backdrop for modern art.

Photographic gallery

In 2009 the museum opened a photographic gallery. The aim was to create an appropriate setting for the art of portrait photography, which has been a part of our collection since the 1990's. The photographic gallery is found in immediate continuation of our modern collection on the 3rd floor. Changing photo exhibitions and a selection of our portrait photography are displayed here.