Around the Museum


A tour of The National History Museum passes through many impressive halls and ornate rooms. The rooms are either in their original state or have been reconstructed, with 17th century splendour.


The Rose (splendour room)

Museum visits often begin at The Rose, to the left of the entrance. From here there is access to the castle's upper floors.

The Tower Room, at the bottom of The Rose, features an introductory exhibition to the castle and the museum's history. The exhibition also features the beautiful secret basement passage with sculptures and reliefs from the castle's original decor together with the gateway, containing archaeological discoveries from excavations around the castle area.


The Castle Chapel and The Kings Oratory (splendour room)  

Christian IV's beautiful and original renaissance chapel operates today as the parish church for Frederiksborg parish. Fantastic views of the church can be seen from the Church's upper floor, the gallery. The gallery is also a chapel for the Order of the Dannebrog. The coat of arms for Knights of the Order of the Elephant and The Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog can be seen alongside new coats of arms frequently added. In the gallery's southern end is the historic 400 year old Compenius organ, dating back to 1610. Every Thursday throughout the year, the Castle Chapel organists perform a 30 minutes concert at 1.30pm.

The Royal Prayer Chamber, one of Christian IV chapel's grandest rooms, was suffered heavy damage during the castle fire of 1859, with only the altarpiece and table surviving. However, the room has been so it looks much like it did before the fire. During the period 1865-1879, artist Carl Bloch created 23 paintings depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, which are on display in the prayer chamber.


Valdemar Hall

The hall was originally named The Summer Room and formed part of Christian IV's western royal wing. Today, the room features many historical paintings with scenes from the Middle Ages, featuring amongst others Otto Baches masterpiece The Conspirators Ride from Murder in Finderup Barn (1882).


The Audience Champer (splendour room)  

The Tower Room in the corner of Valdemar Hall leads to a secret passage that joins onto the unique Audience Chamber which features an original Baroque interior from the era of Christian V (1680s).


500 Years of Danish History

Room 25 signals the beginning of a chronological narrative that describes the past 500 years of Danish history. This room and those following it are furnished as a museum but visitors will still get a sense of how life once unfolded within these historical walls.

The history of Denmark is told through portraits, historical paintings and decorative arts. Along the way, you will be introduced to the people and events that have had a significant effect on the development of the nation of the Middle Ages up until the 21st century.


The Great Hall (splendour room)  

On the 2nd floor of the church is the castle's magnificent banquet hall, where beautiful tapestries and stately royal portraits are on display.


Modern Collection

On the 3rd floor, the museum has collected portraits, historical paintings and furniture from the 20th and 21st Century. This collection ensures that the Danish history told is up to date.

The rooms in this part of the museum are maintained in a minimalist style that creates a contemporary sense of the modern portrait art contained within them.


Photo Gallery

A photo gallery was opened in the museum in 2009. The aim was to create a good framework for the art of photography, which since 1990 has been part of the museum collection.

The photo gallery is situated in an extension to the Modern Collection on the 3rd floor. The room features constantly changing photographic exhibition and selected photographic portraits from the museum collection.